Director: Emilio Belmonte. With Rocío Molina

France/Spain, 87

Cast: Rocío Molina


The passionate and mesmerizing art of flamenco moves into the 21st century, with the brilliant artistry of 34-year-old Rocío Molina. Although she has been compared to everyone from traditional masters like Maria Pages, to the avant garde Pina Bausch, she is a rare original. Her improvisations, called impulsos, are where she lets her body – and imagination – go free. As she explains: “It’s something that belongs to the moment and reveals its absolute truth.” Filmmaker Emilio Belmonte follows Molina as she creates a new show at the Chaillot National Theatre in Paris.

“Whether she’s in repose or performing her intricate steps, it’s practically impossible to take your eyes off her.” — The Hollywood Reporter

“She(Molina) relishes—and absolutely requires the feeling of being on a precipice.” — Film Journal International

“Molina is one of the greatest flamenco dancers I have seen, but to say that is not enough. Dancing with her seems an act of poetic imagination.” Alistair Macauley, New York Times.