Director: Shirel Peleg

2020, Germany, Israel, 111

Screenwriter: Shirel Peleg

Cast: Moran Rosenblatt, Luise Wolfram, Rivka Michaeli


Sparks fly when two families from wildly different cultural backgrounds try to plan a lesbian wedding that the brides themselves maybe aren’t quite ready for. In this screwball romantic misadventure that feels a bit like an Israeli My Big Fat Greek Wedding, love knows no borders. While Shira has fallen for a German woman, grandma is ‘secretly’ falling for a Palestinian man. What happens when lovers don’t fit but do belong together? Madcap chaos erupts, with lots of laughs. Meanwhile, Shira’s younger brother captures it all on video for a class project.

Opens with short film: FEELING FLUSH. Vicki idolizes her new girlfriend Samantha, but draws the line when it comes to sharing bathroom space while occupying the porcelain throne. Samantha has other ideas.