Director: Kitty Green

87, R

Screenwriter: Kitty Green

Cast: Julia Garner, Matthew Macfayden, Makenzie Leigh, Jon Orsini, Noah Robbins, Dagmara Dominczyk.


Like many young women before them, entry level millennials in the entertainment business quickly learn they are expected to be reliable, invisible, and blind to any sexually uncomfortable (or illegal) actions by the men who sign their checks. The first film by Australian writer/director Kitty Green looks at one day in the life of a newbie assistant, by asking if the #metoo movement has managed to shift the paradigm. Julia Garner of Ozark fame plays Jane, starting her career on the bottom rung of a New York production company. It doesnít take long to notice the gorgeous women flown in to secluded meetings with her boss, or the knowing glances between employees. Jane finds herself torn between living with the unspoken rules of the game ñ or risking her job by speaking out. A must-see for students getting ready to enter the work force!

“Garner is perfectly cast, a pixie of steel.” Stephanie Zacharek, Time.