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Watch these films in the renowned Cinestudio Theatre.

(112min. NR) 2022 BELGIUM, FRANCE, LITHUANIA Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper, director
Ends Oct 6
The 2012 film Vanishing Waves from Lithuanian director Kristina Buozyte and French writer Bruno Samper won a small but dedicated fan base in Europe. Their new film – in English – exposes a wider audience to their unique vision of the future. After an ecological melt-down, the 1% live in citadels, their needs served by AI humanoids. Down below, 13-year-old Vesper (Raffiella Chapman) faces a world that can’t generate new plant life. With her dad’s help (via drone), Vesper creates new plants, shimmering with a fluorescence that brings beauty to a ruined planet. When Vesper meets a runaway citadel girl (Rosy McEwan), she plots to get her discoveries to someone among the elite who might still care about Earth’s survival

Wednesday, Oct 5 7:30 PM Thursday, Oct 6 7:30 PM


The Greatest Beer Run Ever
(126min. R) 2022 USA Peter Farrelly, director
Opens Oct 7

You may know him as an inspiring track coach, former Trinity student, movie fan, or chair of the non-profit cinema on campus, Cinestudio. But John Michael Mason has even more talents to share, as he takes a cameo role in this true story set during the Vietnam War. Efron stars as a guy who wants to show support for the men from his community serving in that unpopular “conflict.” His contribution? Bringing his friends on the front lines their favorite beers.

 “Provides both major entertainment and a reflection on events that shook America to its core.” – Toronto International Film Festival.

Friday, Oct 7 7:30 PM Saturday, Oct 8 2:00 PM Saturday, Oct 8 7:30 PM Sunday, Oct 9 2:00 PM Monday, Oct 10 7:30 PM Tuesday, Oct 11 7:30 PM Wednesday, Oct 12 7:30 PM Thursday, Oct 13 4:00 PM
When My Sleeping Dragon Woke
When My Sleeping Dragon Woke
(80min. NR) Chuck Schultz, director
One Night Only Oct 17

Monday, Oct 17 7:30 PM FREE
(98min. R) 1994 France/Poland/Switzerland Krzysztof Kieslowski, director
Filmgoers who love the way movies can change the way we look at the world - Cinestudio’s screening of the 4K Restoration of Kryzsztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors is for you. The three colors represent the French flag and its three revolutionary ideals: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Julie (Juliette Binoche) has encounters a painful encounter with Liberty when her daughter and her composer husband are killed in an accident. Wandering through Paris and dwelling in the past, she wonders if she will find the freedom to let it go and reach out to the world. The husband’s haunting, transporting music is composed – like the entire trilogy – by Zbigniew Preisner. Academy Award nominations for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography. “A penetrating, hypnotic meditation on liberty and loss…” – Hal Hinson, Washington Post.

Saturday, Oct 15 2:00 PM Sunday, Oct 16 2:00 PM Tuesday, Oct 18 5:00 PM Thursday, Oct 20 7:30 PM
(91min. R) 1994 France/Poland/Switzerland Krzysztof Kieslowski, director
The only (bittersweet) comedy of the trilogy stars Zbigiew Zamachowski as Karol, a Polish barber in Paris who is divorced by his chic French wife (Julie Delpy), loses his passport and his shop. Taking Equality with a grain of salt, he quickly finds himself an outsider, begging in the streets. A Polish compatriot smuggles him back home to Poland in a suitcase, and offers him a disturbing job: to kill a man who wants to die but is afraid of suicide. With many a clever scheme under his belt, Karol accrues enough zlotys to take revenge on his wife…if that is what he really wants or not. Julie Delpy (Before Sunrise Trilogy, An American Werewolf in Paris) inhabits her role with a charming if careless insouciance. “Cool as an icepick, but with enough humanity to end with a touching, lyrical admission of the power of love. Essential viewing.” – Geoff Andrew, Time Out.

Saturday, Oct 15 5:00 PM Sunday, Oct 16 5:00 PM Tuesday, Oct 18 7:30 PM Wednesday, Oct 19 5:00 PM
(99min. R) 1994 France/Poland/Switzerland Krzysztof Kieslowski, director
The final film of Kieslowski’s trilogy shows how a series of seemingly unrelated events can alter the future – and maybe even bring about the elusive ideal of Fraternity. In Geneva, University student Rita (Irene Jacob) bumps into a law student, and the page his book falls open to will affect his understanding of justice. Driving home, Rita hits a pregnant dog and tracks down its owner, a retired judge played by the great Jean-Louis Trintignant (Amour, The Conformist). Rita discovers that the judge has been eavesdropping on his neighbors, leading to unforeseen twists and turns. With the law student and dog in tow, Rita boards a ferry to London, where we once again meet the couples in Blue and White. As a dangerous storm approaches, their destinies connect. “One of the filmmakers I would turn to for consolation if I learned I was dying, or to laugh with on finding I would live after all.” – Roger Ebert, from Great Movies.

Saturday, Oct 15 7:30 PM Sunday, Oct 16 7:30 PM Wednesday, Oct 19 7:30 PM Thursday, Oct 20 5:00 PM
(146min. R) 1980 Stanley Kubrick, director
One Night Only Oct 21

Friday, Oct 21 10:00 PM
Atlantics: A Ghost Love Story
(104min. PG-13) 2019 Mati Diop, director
Free and open to the public. Oct 31
After a group of unpaid construction workers disappears at sea one night in search of a better life abroad, the women they have left behind in Dakar are overwhelmed with a mysterious fever.  Ada, 17, secretly grieves for her love Souleiman, one of the departed workers, but she has been promised to another man. After a fire breaks out on her wedding night, a young policeman is sent to investigate the crime. Little does he know that the aggrieved workers have come back as haunting, possessive spirits.  While many of them seek vengeance for their unpaid labor, Souleiman has come back for a different purpose - to be with his Ada one last time.

Exhibition On Screen- HOPPER: An American Love Story
(90min. NR) Phil Grabsky, director
One Night Only Oct 23
This new film takes a deep look into Hopper’s art, his life, and his relationships. From his early career as an illustrator; his wife giving up her own promising art career to be his manager; his critical and commercial acclaim; and in his own words – this film explores the enigmatic personality behind the brush… Combined with expert interviews, diaries, and a startling visual reflection of American life, Hopper brings to life America’s arguably most influential artist.

Sunday, Oct 23 2:00 PM
(180min. NR) Jamie Lloyd, director
One Night Only Nov 6
Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) makes her West End debut in this 21st century retelling of Anton Chekhov’s tale of love and loneliness. A young woman is desperate for fame and a way out. A young man is pining after the woman of his dreams. A successful writer longs for a sense of achievement. An actress wants to fight the changing of the times. In an isolated home in the countryside, dreams lie in tatters, hopes are dashed, and hearts broken. With nowhere left to turn, the only option is to turn on each other. Following his critically acclaimed five-star production of Cyrano de Bergerac, Jamie Lloyd brings Anya Reiss’ adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s classic play to stage. Filmed live in London’s West End.

Sunday, Nov 6 2:00 PM
Cinestudio Fundraising Gala, Celebrating James and Peter
Cinestudio Fundraising Gala, Celebrating James and Peter
(180min. NR)
One Night Only Dec 3
Fundraising Gala Celebrating the Leadership of James Hanley and Peter McMorris 50 Years of Cinema Memories
Cocktail reception at 5 pm Film (chosen by James and Peter) at 6 pm Dessert reception following the film

Saturday, Dec 3 5:00 PM
(180min. NR) Simon Godwin, director
One Night Only Jan 22
Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd) and John Heffernan (Dracula) lead the cast in Shakespeare’s romcom of sun, sea and mistaken identity. The legendary family-run Hotel Messina on the Italian Riveria has been visited by artists, celebrities and royalty. But when the owner’s daughter weds a dashing young soldier, not all guests are in the mood for love. A string of scandalous deceptions soon surround not only the young couple, but also the adamantly single Beatrice and Benedick. Following his award-winning productions of Romeo & Juliet, Twelfth Night and Antony and Cleopatra, director Simon Godwin returns with this irresistible comedy, broadcast live from the National Theatre stage.

Sunday, Jan 22 2:00 PM
(180min.) Lyndsey Turner, director
One Night Only Apr 2
A witch hunt is beginning in Arthur Miller’s captivating parable of power with Erin Doherty (The Crown) and Brendan Cowell (Yerma). Raised to be seen but not heard, a group of young women in Salem suddenly find their words have an almighty power. As a climate of fear, vendetta and accusation spreads through the community, no one is safe from trial. Lyndsey Turner (Hamlet) directs this contemporary new staging, designed by Tony Award-winner Es Devlin (The Lehman Trilogy). Captured live from the Olivier stage at the National Theatre.

Sunday, Apr 2 2:00 PM
(180min. NR) Clint Dyer, director
One Night Only May 7
An extraordinary new production of Shakespeare’s most enduring tragedy, directed by Clint Dyer with a cast that includes Giles Terera (Hamilton), Rosy McEwen (The Alienist) and Paul Hilton (The Inheritance). She’s a bright, headstrong daughter of a senator; elevated by her status but stifled by its expectations. He’s refugee of slavery; having risen to the top of a white world, he finds love across racial lines has a cost. Wed in secret, Desdemona and Othello crave a new life together. But as unseen forces conspire against them, they find their future is not theirs to decide. Othello is filmed live on the Lyttleton stage of the National Theatre.

Sunday, May 7 2:00 PM

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