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(104min.) 2022 Scotland/U.S. Jono McLeod, director
Ends Aug 11
It’s not every day that Cinestudio gets the opportunity to screen a Scottish documentary about a real-life scandal with the irascible Alan Cumming filling in for the elusive main character… so of course, we jumped at the chance! In the mid-90s, the media exploded with the story of 17-year-old Brandon Lee, who turned out to be the 30-year-old Dave McKinnon, who returned undercover to Bearsden Academy, his posh alma mater outside of Glasgow. Was he a clever trickster or simply delusional? My Old School looks for answers with cartoon recreations, archival footage and Alan Cumming lip-synching the camera-shy McKinnon’s interviews. Most intriguing are his classmates (including director Jono McLeod) as they come together to compare memories, look for clues, and find explanations for their willingness to be so wholly taken in.

Sunday, Aug 7 2:00 PM Monday, Aug 8 7:30 PM Tuesday, Aug 9 7:30 PM Wednesday, Aug 10 7:30 PM Thursday, Aug 11 5:00 PM
(100min.) 2022 JUAN FELIPE ZULETA, director
One Night Only Aug 11

Thursday, Aug 11 7:30 PM
(115min. PG) 2022 USA, Canada Anthony Fabian, director
Opens Aug 12
Devotees of fashion and Paris adore this new bittersweet comedy, about the impossible dream of a  1950’s London cleaning woman. When Mrs. Harris (Lesley Manville of The Phantom Thread) sees a Dior gown in one of her clients’ homes, she is transported by its beauty - determining to save up for a trip to the City of Light, and (!) convincing the House of Dior to create their magic for her. C’est vrai, there is a garbage strike and Dior’s frosty assistant (Isabelle Huppert) in her way. But the friends and confidence that Mrs. Harris discovers on her quest are worth more than any gold.

Friday, Aug 12 7:30 PM Saturday, Aug 13 2:00 PM Saturday, Aug 13 5:00 PM Saturday, Aug 13 7:30 PM Sunday, Aug 14 2:00 PM Monday, Aug 15 7:30 PM Tuesday, Aug 16 7:30 PM Wednesday, Aug 17 3:00 PM Wednesday, Aug 17 7:30 PM Thursday, Aug 18 7:30 PM
(95min.) 2022 UK Clio Barnard, director
Opens Aug 19
One of Britain’s most distinctive new voices is writer/director Clio Barnard, whose unblinking look at a working-class town in West Yorkshire reflects the new realities of 21st century Britain. Her fourth film follows the love story of Ava (Claire Rushbrook), the Irish-born matriarch of a large family living at a housing estate, and Ali (Adeel Akhtar), her charismatic Pakistani landlord. Their bond grows out of a passion for music from Dylan to bhangra grooves, and a commitment to caring for the people around them. Longing for intimacy, they are held back by family expectations and corrosive secrets: Ali hasn’t told his family he is estranged from his wife, and Ava is hiding the damage inflicted by her abusive ex-husband.

Friday, Aug 19 7:30 PM Saturday, Aug 20 2:00 PM Saturday, Aug 20 7:30 PM Sunday, Aug 21 2:00 PM Monday, Aug 22 7:30 PM Tuesday, Aug 23 7:30 PM Wednesday, Aug 24 7:30 PM Thursday, Aug 25 7:30 PM
(126min. R) 1997 Gus Van Sant, director
One Night Only Sep 2

Friday, Sep 2 9:30 PM
(176min. PG-13) 2022 Matt Reeves, director
One Night Only Sep 5

Monday, Sep 5 8:30 PM
Opens Sep 8

Thursday, Sep 8 7:30 PM
(98min. R) 1994 France/Poland/Switzerland Krzysztof Kieslowski, director

Saturday, Oct 15 2:00 PM Sunday, Oct 16 2:00 PM Tuesday, Oct 18 5:00 PM Thursday, Oct 20 7:30 PM
(91min. R) 1994 France/Poland/Switzerland Krzysztof Kieslowski, director

Saturday, Oct 15 5:00 PM Sunday, Oct 16 5:00 PM Tuesday, Oct 18 7:30 PM Wednesday, Oct 19 5:00 PM
(99min. R) 1994 France/Poland/Switzerland Krzysztof Kieslowski, director

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