April in Paris French and Francophone Film Festival – A TALE OF LOVE AND DESIRE

Director: Leyla Bouzid

2021, Tunisia/France, 102min., NR

Screenwriter: Leyla Bouzid

Cast: Sami Outalbali, Zbeida Belhajamor, Diong-Kéba Tacu, Aurélia Petit


First, we’d like to say “merci mille fois” to Professor Emeritus Sonia Lee. The Founding Director of April in Paris, her strong support for African francophone film inspires us to expand our definition of French cinema. Tunisian writer/director Leyla Bouzid’s film explores the contrasting experiences of two Arab students at the Sorbonne. Farah (Zbeida Belhajamor) is a free-spirited Tunisian, determined to take every bit of pleasure from her Parisian adventure before returning home. However Ahmed (Sami Outabali), born in France of Algerian background, finds it equally hard to deny his desire for Farah than to ignore his family’s strict version of Islam. “It’s an edifying and introspective film about embracing our most carnal impulses without shame.” – Lovia Gyarkye, Hollywood Reporter. Stay for a discussion after the film led by Karen Humphreys, Language and Culture Studies, Trinity College.