Director: Mel Eslyn

2023, 106min.

Screenwriter: Eslyn and Mark Duplass


A mysterious and hilarious new comedy has arrived just in time to kick off the summer with a satisfying edge. The first film written and directed by Seattle’s indie celebrity Mel Eslyn is a buddy film like no other. First, Biosphere has only two characters, brilliantly performed by Sterling K. Brown (Black Panther, This Is Us) and Mark Duplass (Humpday, The Mindy Kaling Show). Secondly, the two men live in a small bio-dome after a catastrophe has annihilated the rest of humankind, where try to keep up normality by cooking, gardening, and playing Super Mario Bros. And lastly, the realization they may be the last two specimens of our species is made blindingly clear by the power of evolution and the arrival of… [the filmmaker specified no spoilers!]. “Is Nintendo a sufficient reason to extend the death throes of humanity until the fish and vegetables run out? Unlike any movie in recent memory.” – John Defore, Hollywood Reporter.