Exhibition On Screen: VAN GOGH & JAPAN

Director: David Bickerstaff

2019, UK, 90


Exhibition On Screen takes viewers to Van Gogh & Japan, the 2018 exhibition that is a stunning collaboration between Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum and three Japanese museums. Though Vincent Van Gogh never visited Japan it is the country that had the most profound influence on his work. When Japanese art that arrived in 19th century Paris, it profoundly changed his direction, as the innovative artist bent Japanese influences to his will and defined himself as a modern artist with clear Asian precursors. Always a visual gift for art lovers, EOS travels not only to France and the Netherlands but also to Japan to explore the artist’s paintings, and the heritage that made Van Gogh into the artist we know today.

“I’m always saying to myself that I’m in Japan here… as a result I only have to open my eyes and paint right in front of me.” – Van Gogh, in a letter to his sister from Arles.