Exhibition On Screen: YOUNG PICASSO

Director: Phil Grabsky

2019, UK, 85


Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest artists of all time – and right up until his death in 1973 he was the most prolific of artists. Many films have dealt with these later years – the art, the affairs and the wide circle of friends. But where did his journey to greatness begin? Exhibition on Screen takes us back in time to explore Picasso’s upbringing and the inspirations that led to his extraordinary achievements. Looking carefully at the early Blue Period and Rose Period, the film looks at the years leading up to 1907, and the creation of Les Demoiselles d’Avignon: a break with the past, and a prediction of the future, made when the artist was 25 years old. Working closely with all three Picasso Museums in Malaga, Barcelona and Paris, this film gives insight into how his artistic breakthrough changed our conception of painting forever.

“Everything you can image is real.” – Pablo Picasso.