Post film talk back with Director TJ Noel-Sullivan, Friday Sept 13. Sep 13 - 14

Director: TJ Noel-Sullivan



the feature debut of writer/director TJ Noel-Sullivan described as “a fresh and socially relevant take on the classic heist genre,” in theaters in the U.S. on June 28.

“The film follows a charismatic college dropout who recruits his best friends to rob the health insurer that denied his mom’s coverage,” said Entertainment Squad, the boutique distribution company founded by industry veteran Shaked Berenson. “After things take a dark turn, the trio must wrestle with the limits of their greed.”

Starring Laquan Copeland (The Dirty South), Preet Kaur (Finding Tony), Federico Parra (series The Equalizer), Lucy Powers (Voyeur), and Bob Gallagher (Bad Senator), the movie was shot in Hartford, Conn., which is nicknamed the “insurance capital of the world.”

The Hartford Film Company, founded by Noel-Sullivan, produced the film alongside Kristina Cuello and Erik Bloomquist.

Midas combines thrilling heist action with a sharp critique of health insurance injustices, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate films that entertain and challenge the status quo,” said Berenson.

Added director Noel-Sullivan: “With Midas, we set out to create a heist film for a new generation