Director: Dominique Choisy

2018, France, 108, NR

Cast: Johnny Rasse, Nathalie Richard, Juliette Damiens.


Out Film CT’s 2nd Thursdays series presents a delightfully breezy homage to the art of filmmaking, set in a stunning, if remote, village on the Normandy coast. Géraud is a Parisian director who shows up for the screening of his arty, explicitly homoerotic movie in the village’s only cinema – one that usually sticks to American action flicks. But for the few people who attend, for the projectionist, the film programmer, and the hotel receptionist, the two screenings and the arrival of Géraud have the power to inspire romance – and change lives.

“One of those idiosyncratic French oddball comedies, which very fortunately, we absolutely love! Dominique Choisy is a filmmaker after our own hearts.” –