Director: Baloji Tshiani

2023, BELGIUM, 95min.

Language: French, Swahili, and Lingala with English subtitles.


The sense of dread that often accompanies being around blood relatives with whom you share no real connection is brought into vivid focus in Belgian rapper Baloji’s debut feature, Omen. Having been banished to Europe as a baby after a birthmark convinced his mother that he must be a sorcerer, Koffi (Marc Zinga) and his white Belgian fiancée Alice (Lucie Debay) embark on a family reconciliation trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The kinetic chaos of the return––missed airport transfers and traffic, bloody noses, family gatherings and judgments––sets the stage for a visceral reimmersion tale. Winner of the New Voice Prize at Cannes and selected as Belgium’s entry for the 96th Academy Awards,Omen melds the modern and the mystical in mesmerizing fashion.