Director: Erik Bloomquist

2023, 101min., NR (R)

Presented by: Post film talk back.

Cast: Cara Buono, Clare Foley, Spencer List, Michael Park, Erik Bloomquist


We are thrilled to present the one-time screening of She Came From the Woods, the first feature film by Trinity grad Erik Bloomquist, who will do a talkback after the show! Not only a Trinity grad, Eric was a fan of Cinestudio and one of the Trinity Film Festival student organizers. Today he returns with a frightening & funny homage to classic teen scream movies, from Halloween to The Nightmare on Elm Street, starring Emmy Award winner Cara Buono (Mad Men) and William Sadler (Iron Man 3). The film is set in the 80s on the last night of summer camp, as the counselors get the not-so-great idea of summoning the spirit of a woman who died at the camp. Yes, there will be blood when an angry ghost teams up with the suddenly homicidal campers… “This has a real chance of becoming a cult classic… it’s a fun and great escape from the usual horror of today.” Crockett Houghton, Film Inquiry