Out Film CT Presents PRIDE MiniFest

It’s 1988 in Margaret Thatcher’s United Kingdom. Jean, a closeted physical education teacher, is leading a double life. When a new student arrives, she threatens to expose Jean’s secret, pushing Jean to extreme lengths to hold onto her job and her integrity.

Four Black trans sex workers from New York and Georgia talk frankly about their experiences, raising questions about belonging and identity within the Black community. Their unapologetic and cutting analysis of Black culture and society vibrates with energy, sex, challenge, and hard-earned wisdom.

In this delightful and fresh coming-of-age story, Jamie is a chubby, clever gay fourteen year-old who is confused about his sexuality and uncomfortable in his own body. Then along comes Dan, the charming, beefy, bear boyfriend of Jamie’s cousin, who joins the family on a family camping trip. Dan rocks Jamie’s world and helps him understand that big guys can be sexy, too.

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