Curmudgeons Dir. Danny DeVito, 2016, Ralph is a foul-mouthed elderly man stuck in a Brooklyn assisted living facility, who gets a visit from his granddaughter and an unexpected guest.

Mrs. McCutcheon Dir. John Sheedy, 2017, 17 min. Ten- year-old Tim knows he was born in the wrong body. But a school dance is about to revolutionize everything!

Amigas with Benefits Dir. Adelina Anthony, 2017, 10 min. A pair of lesbian seniors nearly have their wedding day ruined by an uninvited guest.

Monogamish Dir. Carlton Daniel, 2017, 15 min. Cooper Riley is a hopeless romantic who tries to change when his boyfriend requests an open relationship.

Post Apocalyptic Potluck Dir. Guinevere Turner, 2017, 11 min. Three friends gather for a pot- luck, unfazed as the world falls into apocalyptic ruin.

Aarsa Dir. Kawa Hatef, 2016, 18 min. Raju’s love for the dancing he sees while working at a dance studio ignites an inspiring journey towards self-identity.