BORN THIS WAY: Transgender & Non-Binary Shorts


My Brother Is a Mermaid

A social realist fairytale about a transfemme teenager, as seen through the eyes of their seven-year-old brother.

Year: 2019

Runtime: 20 minutes

Language: English

Country: UK

Director: Alfie Dale

Eyes Down
A newly out, middle-aged trans woman takes her first journey on a Glasgow Bus.

Year: 2020

Runtime: 7 minutes

Language: English

Country: UK

Director: Charlotte Daniel

God’s Daughter Dances

Shin-mi gets a call from the Military Manpower Administration to appear for the military service examination. But Shin-mi is a transgender female dancer, and she does not intend to hide her identity.

Year: 2020

Runtime: 25 minutes

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Note: Original Title: 신의 딸은 춤을 춘다

Director: Sungbin Byun


When an Iranian father encourages his daughter to dress as a boy so she can sneak into the soccer stadium where women are not allowed, a long-hidden family secret is revealed.

Year: 2020

Runtime: 13 minutes

Language: Persian

Country: Islamic Republic of Iran

Director: Mohammad Reza Khavari

Before the Eruption

Although volcanoes can erupt without any advance notice, they usually issue a warning before blowing their top. We barely saw it coming.

Year: 2020

Runtime: 10 minutes

Language: Spanish

Country: Spain

Note: Original Title: Antes de la Erupción

Director: Robero Pérez Toledo

Venture Out

A story about overcoming odds, the power of resilience, and ultimately, the ever-lasting effects of LGBTQ community building.

Year: 2020

Runtime: 15 minutes

Language: English

Country: USA

Director: Palmer Morse, Jamie DiNicola, Matt Mikkelsen

Sheer Qorma

A resilient, queer Muslim women of color chooses to embrace the love that exists beyond their personal beliefs and social moralities in this story of belonging, acceptance, identity and family.

Year: 2020

Runtime: 30 minutes

Language: English/Hindi/Urdu

Country: India

Director: Faraz Arif Ansari