COLD WAR (Zimna wojna)

Director: Pawel Pawlikowski

2018, Poland, 89, R

Screenwriter: Pawel Pawlikowski and Janusz Glowacki.

Cast: Joanna Kulig, Tomasz Kot, Agata Kulesza, Boris Szyc and Jeanne Balibar.


Pawel Pawlikowski, (whose film Ida won the 2013 Academy Award® for Best Foreign Film) won this year’s Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival, for a bittersweet love story loosely based on the lives of his fatefully mismatched parents. The atmospheric war between passion and politics begins in 1949 in the ethical minefield of Communist-dominated Poland. Wiktor is a jazz-loving musician hired by the government to record authentic folk music, and create a touring ensemble. Zula, an ambitious singer with a dangerous edge, falls in love with Wiktor, but the pressure to turn their art into propaganda threatens to destroy their mutual desire.

“Cold War is a love story…visually stunning, passionate, wistful, and thoughtful in equal measure.” – Emily Yoshida, New York Magazine.