“All Together Now…” ¬†

Join us on Saturday, February 22 for a day that celebrates the 50 (!) year Anniversary of the very first shows at Cinestudio, and all of the magical movies that have lit up our screen in the years that followed. We will also be paying tribute to the unforgettable people who have worked and volunteered at Cinestudio. Bring your friends and family to either or both of two FREE screenings of the very first films ever shown at our cinema.

We hope as many Cinestudio alum, loyal audience members, current students and film lovers of all ages will spend this special day by coming together as the caring community that we have become. Let the festivities begin.

Schedule of Anniversary Celebration


Yellow Submarine’s innovative animation and its surreal underwater adventures are a treasure for all ages. There is little that surpasses the Blue Meanies, Nowhere Man, Lucy in the Sky, and the timeless music of The Beatles. Singing along will not be discouraged! 87 min.


Join us in the Cinestudio lobby for cake, champagne, and memories to be shared. The festivities will open with a toast by Trinity President Joanne Berger-Sweeney.

Cinestudio is known for its fantastic costume parties! We invite/challenge/dare you to dress up in a costume inspired by Yellow Submarine or Alice’s Restaurant. Prizes and great respect will be awarded.


The best Thanksgiving song ever written, by folksinger Arlo Guthrie, is also a sweetly funny satire on hippie versus straight culture that will still ring true, as long as young men and women resist fighting what they consider to be unjust wars.¬†Director Arthur Penn wrote: “That last image of Alice on the church steps is intended to freeze time, to say that this paradise doesn’t exist anymore, it can only endure in memory.” 111 min.

At Cinestudio, it endures through the magic of cinema.