Director: Alex Holmes, based on the book by Tracy Edwards.

97, PG

Cast: Tracy Edwards and crew of Maiden.

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If the indicator on your grrrlpower engine is pointing towards empty, it’s time for a re-up, by seeing what fierce real women can do! In 1989, young women, captained by Tracy Edwards, were the first female crew to yacht in the highly competitive and dangerous Whitbread Round the World race. Facing down blatant misogyny and mockery in the press, the 13 women set off from Spain for a 33,000-mile journey. It feels as if you are with them all the way; watching actual footage, newly shot material, and commentary by the women ranging from anger to pride. Tracy Edwards received the Yachtsman of the Year Trophy, but even better were the cheering crowds when they made landfall in Uruguay.

“It was only during the process of doing Maiden that I realized, yes I do have to fight.” Tracy Edwards. 

“But even at its most visceral and exciting, it’s the emotion at the story’s core, and the higher principles at work, that make it transcendent.” ~ Ann Hornaday Washington Post