Director: Matteo Borgardt

U.S., Italy, Mexico, 52

Cast: With: Charles Bukowski, Silvia Bizio, Linda Lee Beighle.

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Exciting independent and international films are still be found! This week marks the US premiere of an Official Selection of the Venice Film Festival, directed by Matteo Borgardt. In 1981, Italian producer and journalist Sylvia Bizio sat down with Charles Bukowski (Factotum, Post Office, Barfly) in his San Pedro, California home for an interview. What followed was an epic conversation with the writer and his friends that ranged from raucous to thoughtful, despairing to humorous, and poetic to profane. Over 30 years later, the long-lost footage was found in Bizio’s garage. Combined with audio of Bukowski reading his poems over images of the working class Los Angeles that he called his muse, it is a remarkable record of the author that Time magazine called ‘the laureate of lowlife.’

“A time capsule which captures an iconic American author in his natural state and habitat: endearing, pensive, gentle, flirtatious, and surprisingly lucid.” – Don Simpson, Slamdance Film Festival.